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Wednesday, May 19, 2004
I'm only updating this cos my LJ is being screwy at the moment. >.< I'm sure the support volunteers are working hard on it, though, so I'm not really fussed.

Paradise Lost has been updated! You'll find a few shorts, the story I wrote for Twig's 2003 story contest, and some extra stuff on the end of the last chapter of NaNoWriMo2002.
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Thursday, February 19, 2004
Ahahaha I can't believe I haven't updated this thing in this long... eheh. ^_^;; Oh well, anyway, I updated the sidebar with more links and things, changed some information... Yeah. ^_^
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Monday, February 02, 2004
Posts on the livejournal.
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Thursday, January 29, 2004
Aaaand.. there's a post on Fallen Angels.
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I've been reading through Before the Dawn lately, just proof-reading and the like, because somehow when I'm doing the actual proofreading and spellcheck I miss things. You know how that goes.

I've been finding mistakes at the rate of about one per chapter, which isn't so bad.

Happy Birthday to the wonderful Twig!
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Sunday, January 25, 2004
Post on Fallen Angels.
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Thursday, January 15, 2004
I really have nothing to say. I've been working and stuff, it's been really fucking hot. I've played a bit more Deus Ex. Read the first book of Steven King's The Dark Tower series, The Gunslinger, which was pretty darn good. I'm going to have to go buy book 2 at this rate.

Karate last night felt pretty good, we did a lot of kata and it felt very strong, so I think I'm improving. Which is good. I just wish various body parts would stop being so damn fragile. (Ankles and hips, I'm looking at /you/. >.<)

Yeah. So I'm still alive.
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Sunday, January 11, 2004
Post on Fallen Angels. Well, posts, really. I wasn't feeling too well last night, so I didn't post a notification here. *shrugs* All better now, mostly.
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Saturday, January 10, 2004
Quiz and Liria fic snippet on LJ...
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Thursday, January 08, 2004
NaNo fic snippet on LJ.
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I'm tired and sore.

It's going to be 38 celsius on sunday and it's a fucking grading day for karate. That's about 100 farenheit. That's... really hot. Too hot to do about 4 hours of karate in a row. In a heavy canvas gi.

On the plus side, I get to go to archery on saturday for the first time in a long, long time. On the minus side, it's going to be 36 Celsius on saturday.


And it's only the beginning of January.
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Monday, January 05, 2004

Please direct yourself towards Paradise Lost. ^_^
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Friday, January 02, 2004
post over at Fallen Angels.
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Thursday, January 01, 2004
Honking great big post over at Fallen Angels. Posted there because it contains spoilers and LJ has a cut tag. ^_^
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Tuesday, December 30, 2003
I have done /so much/ HTMLing today it's just not funny. Those of you who read Paradise Lost will be happy to know that the next site update is going to be /huge/. ^_^
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Monday, December 29, 2003
So we had a bit of a fire scare today as well - there was a fire at Narrikup. And Chas' place is technically in Narrikup. Not in the town, but in the Shire.

It was a few roads south, burnt one farm before they got it under control. Chas' dad and brothers went out with the fire unit from the home farm - a ute with a water tank on the back and a hose. Me and Chas' mum went around preparing in case it came to us - we tried to fix the hose and filled buckets with water, wet down blankets to put over the water pump so it didn't get burnt. Thank god we didn't have to use any of it. O.o

So we are all fine and safe. If you were worried or anything.
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Sunday, December 28, 2003
Okay. So.

Had last day of work on wednesday, we got off at 3:30 yay! So I went home and made cake to take down with me for Chas' family's christmas dinner thing with all their relatives, and since there were chocolate eclairs left over from our work christmas lunch (which was pretty good ^_^) I put them in the fridge to take down too.

As well as making the cake, mum and I had to prepare the two chickens for roasting in the oven the next day. It's a kind of ritual that we do every christmas eve - we squable over who gets the sharp food scissors and then have a kind of a race to see who can do their chicken first. Mum won this year, but she's had years of practice, and mine was the bigger bird.

I also had to pack for the next day, and write out my christmas cards for my family and Chas' family. Of course, by the time I'd done them, Dad had already locked the loungeroom (where we keep our tree) so I couldn't put them inside - instead I propped them up against the door. Adding in the packing, and I didn't get to sleep until about 2am.

Ali woke me bright and early at 8am. Since Pam and Olly were coming over and they were late, I had a shower before we went in to open our presents. After that it was time to go to church for service, at which Pam and another girl provided the vocals, and they both had a solo each. Go Pam! ^_^

Then it was back home for lunch to get underway - mum was cooking while I was putting finishing touches on my packing. Lunch was delicious, and after loading everything in my car I set off to Mt Barker.

Driving down by myself was a new experience, and now that I've done it once I think I'll be okay to do it from now on. The worst part was the lack of open petrol stations/roadhouses. Yuledo was closed. North Banister was open, so I could take a pit stop, but bannister was closed. Williams was open, but I didn't need petrol, so I figured I'd stop at Port Arthur. Port Arthur was closed. Tenterden was closed. I figured I'd stop in Kojonup. Kojonup was closed. I got to Mt Barker, and the BP that you hit first was closed. I was running real low on petrol by this stage, having just driven about 400 kilometres, and I rang Chas, who reckoned the Caltex in town would be open. It was (thank God) so I could fill up before venturing out towards Chas' house.

Reached there at about 6:30pm, and got all my stuff unloaded. Dinner was okay, they had edible food, and there was a bonus gluten free chocolate mousse that Chas' Aunty Sue had made, so I had some of that as well as an eclair, a piece of my cake, and some cream. ^_^ I love desserts.

Slept alright that night, the bed was a little soft and saggy, but I didn't wake up too sore so that was okay. Although I had a little freak out about spiders the night before. But I was okay when I woke up, so.

Pretty much been vegging out down here so far - typed some stories, all that I've written of Lissalya, and another Chapter of Ice Dancer, so we'll see how they go. Watched El Mariachi, with Desperado to go. Still have not seen Return of the King. Dammit. >.< Will see it sometime this week, I really mean it.

Me and Chas both came down sick yesterday, him worse than me. He slept in/dozed to about 2pm this arfternoon, though, and was feeling a bit better, so he should be right for tomorrow. Hopefully.

The white bordercollie/possible golden retriever cross is absolutely adorable. When not covered in mud and sand.

I have been playing a lot of spider solitaire. And watching a surprising amount of cricket. I believe on boxing day I said "I can't believe I'm bored enough tht I'm watching cricket." Ah well, it was something to pass the time.

The big bushfire at Tenteren that (if you live in australia) you may have seen on the news yesterday and tonight, well, I was worried there for a moment. We heard Kendenup, the next town over, had been burnt, but it turned out to be Tenterden, a few towns to the north. We saw the smoke over the Porongorups yesterday, and we watched it as it got thicker and blacker. Chas' dad and brothers went up there today, to help their Uncle Ian with his farm. Chas' dad reckons the Lord was protecting him, because the fire went straight through his property. Didn't touch the shearing shed, although the manure underneath was smouldering. Didn't touch his house, and burnt a diagonal strip right across his block, but didn't lose a sheep. They had to shoot three, and he lost a bunch of fencing, but the animals are okay.

And now.. I have to go. Ja ne.
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Saturday, December 27, 2003
I am at Mt Barker. Updates Later. I have to be off by midnight.

Hope everyone had a nice christmas.
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Tuesday, December 23, 2003
So, I didn't mention this before for some reason, probably my weekend of Hell killed me, but I posted my christmas cards on friday. So. They should either arrive tomorrow, or, you know, next week. ^_^
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Sunday, December 21, 2003
Okay, so my weekend of hell is over.

On friday night I had my work Christmas party thing - they had a magician as entertainment, and he was actually pretty nifty. I saw through some of the tricks, but at one point he handed a card to this girl, got her to close her hand over it, did something else, and then it was a different card. /INSANE/.

Anyway. So then the next morning I had work as usual, and then I met Liz in QC quickly so I could let them know to hold my stuff for me over the next two weeks, and she could buy a present for her brother. And then I went and got my hair cut, the results of which you can see on Fallen Angels, and then I went to the Sensei party and hung out with them for a while. And there were Shenanigans. I... am quite interested in the final result, actually, but I probably won't know the full story until karate starts up again on the 5th of january.

So after the sensei party I headed back home to pick up dinner for Chas and went into uni for a while. Got kicked out at 11pm as usual, dropped Chas home, went back home and picked up my little sister Ali, and headed to Zone 3 for War of the Rings.

Now you (probably) already know I'm in UniSFA, the UWA science fiction and fantasy association. Two of the other three major Perth uni's also have equivalent clubs, CIA (Curtin Imagination Association) and MARS (Murdoch Alternate Reality Society). And War of the Rings is an annual tournament held at Zone 3, midnight to dawn. Three clubs, three teams, one winner.

To cut a long (and tiring...) story short, CIA won the first game by this much -><- from us, something like 2000pts or other. We won the second game by something like 50,000pts, and then they won the third and final competition game by about 5,000. Since they won two out of three games, they won the trophy, despite us having a higher points score. >.< Anyway, after those three games it was free play, and we played a couple of different games until it was suddenly 6am and time to leave.

Me and Ali headed home and went to sleep, the only difference being that I was woken 3 and a half hours later to teach karate. >.< So I headed off to class with no breakfast (wasn't time...) and taught for about 2 hours, then dropped the fees off at Sensei's house, and headed home. For breakfast. At about 1pm. And then I headed back into uni to pick up Chas, and take him to the bus station. Because he only boards up here, you see, and he goes home for christmas. And now I am sad because he is gone. CALL ME CHAS! I want to make sure that you got home safely, ne? <3

Anyway. Then I went back into Uni, went to church, went home to pick up dinner, and am now back at uni, tired out of my brain. The days where I could survive for consecutive days on little sleep are gone, my friends. I am about to drop. And I have to work at 8:30am tomorrow. >.<

....I should go home now and sleep, right?
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Saturday, December 20, 2003
And the only reason I'm posting there instead of here is that it has the LJ-cut feature where I can still have the pictures, but hide them so that I don't spam friends pages. That, and pictures screw up my layout something awful. ^_^;;
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So! Pictures of my new haircut (SANZO!) and my duel with the deadly ninja Saiyanprince are up on Fallen Angels.
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Thursday, December 18, 2003
If you are an american citizen, please go and vote in this poll.


Thank you. ^_^
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Tuesday, December 16, 2003
Katana pictures at Fallen Angels here. ^_^
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